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Teen Wolf Preference #30 Cute Couple Photo



You and Aidan went to the lake not far from Beacon Hills with Ethan and Danny. It was Danny who took the picture of you two watching the sunset. You loved the picture because you thought it was adorable.



Derek is not a big fan of pictures so this is really the only one you have of the two of you. Scott secretly showed it to you at the end of the day and you gratefully  thanked him.



You were just playing around at the beach with some friends. It was an awesome day! Lydia thought it was sweet so she took a picture wit her phone and gave it to you!



You and Scott were at school being all cute when Isaac took this picture of you two. It was really funny because he forgot he took the picture until on day you got bored and looked through his pictures and found this.



You and Stiles were the goofiest couple. So when he was over your house, you guys took some great pictures together.


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