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Teen Wolf Preference #84 You are insecure/learn to cope with having depression, anorexia, sucidal, bipolar

*please don’t read if uncomfortable! Also if anyone needs anyone to talk to we are here, we are always here.*

Aidan- You had a problem with depression since middle school, it ran in your family so you weren’t surprised that you got it. You never felt sad if you were depressed you thought it was normal so you didn’t take any medicine. Your boyfriend Aidan doesn’t know about this secret of yours because you’ve always been putting yourself down about it, telling yourself it wasn’t normal. When Aidan finally found out he felt ashamed of himself wishing that he knew. Now Aidan kept an eye on you more and although you found it annoying, it was kinda cute how much he cared about you,

Derek- One of your friends told mentioned how much happier you seem with Derek which made him give you a funny look. You wished that your past wouldn’t keep following you like this because you were so far past it but when your friend left Derek asked you why you weren’t happy. You told him how kids at school used to bully you and shove you. How you had no friends, no one to talk to or who understands. By this point in the story he was comforting your sobs and you could see his clenched fists. You continued your telling him about your past and ended with how you tried to commit suicide. He told you how much you meant to him and how glad he was that you chose not to. Derek never brought up the subject again.

Isaac- You had never felt confident in the way you looked but especially your weight. You struggled to love yourself and find positive things about your appearance but failed. You looked at yourself in the mirror hating what you saw and when you were crying Isaac heard you and rushed home. He found you on the ground crying next to the scale in your home. You screamed at him not to touch or hold you because you were to fat but he fought against you and didn’t say a word. When you calmed down he kissed you and told you that you would get through this together.

Scott- In the past you self harmed having no one to talk to. You became depressed and rarely left your room. You now where long sleeves even during the summer being embarrassed about your scars. No one knew about them except close family, not even your boyfriend Scott. Every time he asked you why you wear long sleeves you always told him that you got cold easily. When you went to beach he asked you why you still had your long sleeve shirt on, and that’s when you realized that you could trust him even with secrets. He listened closely paying attention to every word you spoke. At the end he hugged you for five minutes straight whispering how perfect you were.

Stiles- You took medicine for your bi-polar syndrome, and it fixed the mood swings you occasionally had. When the doctor diagnosed you with it, you thought of yourself as a mental person that was crazy. You believed that until you met Stiles.You could be yourself around him no matter what. After a while of being friends you decided to tell him that you are bipolar hoping that he wouldn’t react badly in any way. Stiles nodded his head and said that he was there for you but then continued talking like nothing changed. This is why you two were best friends.

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